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Equine Rescue Registry 

Equine Registry Up and Running (10-15-2010) 

          This month the Arizona Department of Agriculture began processing the first application for a Certified Equine Rescue facility.  Certification and listing on the registry allows the public to easily find Equine Rescue facilities that meet veterinarian-approved standards of care.

“The equestrian community came together when it saw a need for certification of rescues,” said Dr. John Hunt, Associate Director of Animal Services at the Department of Agriculture.  “Now, people can be sure that if they ever need to leave their horse, they can easily find a safe place for it.”

          Every year the Department of Agriculture receives approximately 600 calls for stray horses and only a small percentage are returned to their owners.  And it is the same across the country.

          In 2009, the Arizona Horse Council and Robert Schuler (our lobbyist), working with representatives from the Equine Rescue ommunity were successful in having legislation enacted to create the Equine Rescue Registry.

          This year the Arizona Department of Agriculture created a set of rules to implement the new law.  The new rules went into effect July 5, 2010.

New Equine Rescue facilities can find the application form at:


For the Arizona Department of Agriculture Equine Rescue registry, click below:


Laura Oxley
Acting Public Information Officer
Arizona Department of Agriculture