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Arizona Horse Council Summit

Equestrian business owners, ranch and farm owners and horse owners, all passionate about our industry and the equestrian way of life, joined together to discuss the issues that affect all equestrians in the state of Arizona. The White Stallion Ranch, Tucson, provided a beautiful venue for this meeting.

Horses Are Green!

Horse owners help preserve the land, ranches, larger properties, arenas and places to ride. Recyclers use new construction scrap lumber for shavings and grindings. Horse manure and urine are used in commercial fertilizers. Manure left on trails decomposes to become part of the soil. Ranches and private horse owners are frequent composters - recyclers of manure.


There are 177,000 Horses in 60,000 Arizona Households


The Arizona Horse Industry is a $1.6 Billion Dollar Industry

Horses Provide Thousands of Jobs for Arizona:

Equine Care and Medical

Horse Services and Products

Equine Manufacturing 
Equine Sports 
Equine Art and Literature

Equine Social Economic Impact:


 Equine Clubs
Horse Shows and Events
Smaller Equine Events and Venues
Equine Sports